Most vehicles today need three things, air, fuel and spark.  That can lead to issues when one is not properly adjusted.  If there is too much fuel, or if the spark goes off at the wrong time, it can easily cause problems and include a fire. There are a variety of issues that would cause the issue, so here are a few things you can do when you might think you are going to have a car on fire.


If your car has the possibility of a fire, here are a few things that to do to be safe.

Don’t park in the garage.  Keep your garage clean and neat to prevent any accidents, setting up shelving and cabinets in your garage can help keep things organized. This goes without saying.  If there is a chance that the car will start on fire because of a known condition, do not have it in a enclosed space.  It can be a simple as a Ford ignition switch or a back firing carburetor.

file1071278373220When the vehicle is sitting, unplug the battery.  Without power, there is no spark.  And with no spark there is no ignition source for anything that burns.  So it is a good idea no matter what vehicle you are working on.

file0001298260769If all else fails (which happens with Fords…a lot) always keep a fire extinguisher available and within easy reach.  If you are working with something that has the possibility of starting on fire, make sure you have a way to easily put it out.

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